Strong acidic pH2.5

Posted by Kangen Вода 15/09/2014 1 Comment(s)

Did you know that strongly acidic water pH2,5 is an effective disinfectant. It smells of chlorine and ozone.

If you have a sore throat, strong acidic water pH2,5 is effective in this case.

You can use this water to disinfect your hands in public places. Water can be poured into a small black spray.

This water removes unpleasant odors from cutting boards. You can soak  the kitchen towels in it and use for disinfection of children's toys.

In general, the applications of it in the house, especially where there are children, is simply great!

1 Comment(s)

Tania Kolmakova:
01/02/2018, 09:51:33 PM

Один мужчина сказал что его жена сильно поранилась стеклом. Останавливали сильнокислой водой. Быстро помогло.

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