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Source water for Kangen water machines Leveluk SD501.

Kangen water machine makes Kangen water from ordinary tap water, which we have in unlimited quantities. We connect a hose and adapters to faucets of any model.

There is an internal filter that is already installed in the machine. First of all water goes trough it. Filter’s resource is more than 10,000 liters of water. The company also recommends an external pre-filter system in regions with very bad tap water.


Filters and their replacement.

These filters need to be changed every six months to ensure maximum purity of the incoming water.

This is another unique feature of the Enagic company - an individual approach to the needs of consumers.


Electrolysis process.

Then the filtered water goes through 7 massive titanium plates coated with medical platinum, which are involved in the electrolysis process. There is an ordering of minerals in the composition of water according to their electric charge. This process takes place in the ionizer chamber, divided into two compartments by a membrane or diaphragm. Negatively charged plates - cathodes, and positively charged plates - anodes, divide the ionization chamber into compartments.

As the filtered water seeps through the ionizer chamber, positively charged ions or alkaline minerals are attracted to the negative electrodes in their compartment, and acidic substances are attracted to the positive electrodes. Catholyte (living water) - alkaline water, which is called Kangen. It flows from the top white hose. Anolyte (dead water) is acidic water that flows out of the lower hose.

The benefits of alkaline and acidic water.

Alkaline water contains minerals that are very necessary for our health. These are magnesium, sodium, calcium, silicon and potassium. This water neutralizes the increased acidity of the body.

And acidic water is a storehouse of oxidizing electrons, and this gives it disinfectant and oxidizing properties.

The side container for salt solution.

There is a container for a salt solution on the right under removable panel.

Salt is consumed during the production of pH2.5 and pH11.5 water only.

Sodium enhances the washing properties of pH11.5 water, chlorine enhances the disinfecting properties of pH2.5 water. Please note that then you produce Kangen water salt is not consumed. And the container can be taken out.


RESET button.


A button is hidden under the left panel, which must be pressed when you put in a new filter or just connected new Kangen water machine.

This is liters’ counter. The machine will count the number of liters of water used and notify when the filter needs to be replaced.


Monthly and annual care for Kangen machine.

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