What is Kangen water

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The right name of the water produced by Enagic’s water ionizer is Kangen water. Kangen means “return to origin” in Japanese.

Kangen water is alkaline ionized water, saturated with hydrogen, and have microcluster structure. Such water is good for health. Doctors have recently begun to recommend drinking alkaline water, because it prevents joint problems, normalizes metabolism, removes toxins from the body, and was used by Japanese doctors to treat problems with gastrointestinal tract.


Hydrogen, which is saturated with Kangen water, has recently been recognized as the newest super effective antioxidant. If you drink this water, you will age more slowly. Hydrogen can also help in the treatment of certain diseases, since most diseases are caused by aging (oxidation).

Kangen water has a negative redox potential, which means that such water is as close as possible to the negatively charged environments of the body. Such water is a reducing agent.


Thanks to the micro-cluster structure of kangen water, it is easy to drink and it is absorbed by the body so quickly that you will not feel heaviness after drinking the water. Do you remember gurgling in the stomach from a glass of normal water? This is not happen with kangen water.

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