Redox potential in swimming pool

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ORP redox potential or Redox potential - redox potential from reduction-oxidation reaction is used to determine the purity of pool water correlates with free chlorine. ORP technology has found application all over the world. ORP is an indicator of the bacteriological safety of water.

Bacterium lives for almost 2 minutes at ORP value +600mV,  the lifespan of bacteria is reduced to 30 seconds at ORP value +650mV.  Bacterium is destroyed within a few seconds at ORP value +700mV. That is why it is necessary that the ORP level of the pool and spa water be higher than +700mV in order to guarantee the germicidal safety of the water. The quality characteristics of water in pools and spas, according to the requirements of different countries, may vary slightly, but, in general, it is considered to be as follows:

Parameter Value
pH 7.2 - 7.6
Alkalanity 80 - 125 ppm
Hardness 200 - 270 ppm
Free clorine 0.6 - 1.0 ppm
ORP > 700 mV
Temperature 24-28 °C

Pool water quality is a dynamic indicator. The bacterial content changes as people enter and leave the pool. A high ORP keeps the water quality at the right level throughout the day.


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