ORP meter. Its calibration

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If you want to know does your water an antioxidant or not, then you need an ORP meter.

The most popular ORP meter now is Milwaukee MW500.

Milwaukee MW500 ORP Meter is very popular among Enagic’c agents. It is convenient to use during presentations to show the difference between tap and Kangen water.

The ORP meter measures the redox potential of a liquid. In the process of water electrolysis, the ORP of water becomes negative. If you have water with a positive charge of + 320mV flowing from the tap, then after passing through Kangen water machine, the water will have an ORP of up to -850mV.

Molecular Hydrogen Gives Water a Negative ORP.

In alkaline ionized water, the ORP ranges from -100 mV to – 900 mV.7  The chemical species responsible for the negative ORP is the redox couple molecular hydrogen (H2) and the acid (H+) concentration.  This is according to the standard redox half-reaction:

2H+ + 2e => H2 (g)       E° = 0.00 V7

You can make the ORP negative by decreasing the H+ concentration (raising the pH) and/or increasing the dissolved molecular hydrogen concentration. Conversely, you can make the ORP positive by increasing the H+ concentration (lowering the pH) and/or decreasing the dissolved molecular hydrogen concentration.

Fresh, just harvested vegetables and fruits have a high negative ORP. If the fruit is lying, its ORP is reduced.

The ORP meter is an indispensable tool for job of  Enagic’s agent, as well as for those who want to know how much water they drink is electro-negative.

ORP meter calibration.

You may have noticed that the ORP meter, when turned on, its meanings jumps from positive to negative and back. Or it too slowly gaining negative values. This means that the ORP meter needs to be calibrated.

Agents who have a Kangen Water machines can soak the probe of ORPmeter in highly acidic pH2.5 water for 20 minutes, after this the instrument is ready for use.

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