Molecular hydrogen

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Scientists have observed the positive antioxidant effect of hydrogen exposure in cells, animals, plants, humans.  In all these studies hydrogen improves the redox status in cells.

This is seen in DNA markers and improved levels of superoxide dismutase.

Hydrogen does not react directly with free radicals because there is still competition in cells for electron donation. Hydrogen exhibits antioxidant properties.

Hydrogen can return the level of enzymes and protective proteins in the body to the level they should be, ie. returns the state of homeostasis. We see it in many clinical studies.

Hydrogen is very mild in its effect. If you apply hydrogen where homeostasis already exists, you will not see significant changes. If you take medications or drugs, the changes will be significant. In the case of hydrogen, you won't see them. Hydrogen can soften, reduce the effect of toxins that cause problems. If you give hydrogen to healthy cells and a healthy person, you can often see that there is no improvement. It is very important. Since the level of free radicals that the body needs will not decrease from the consumption of hydrogen. If the body is affected by radiation, the help of hydrogen will be huge in this case.

We receive hydrogen then consume hydrogen water from water ionizers. Water ionizer obtain hydrogen gas from water with help of electrolisys.

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