Kangen water and pregnancy

Posted by Kangen Вода 13/09/2022 1 Comment(s)

I can not be silent about the benefits of hydrogen water during pregnancy.

This is my third pregnancy and I have seen many mothers who have faced problems that I would never have known about if they did not tell me.

I learned from researches that hydrogen as a therapeutic gas that hydrogenated water helps control blood sugar level with first-degree diabetes.


Pregnant girls are constantly tested for sugar, because during pregnancy, many women are diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I don't want to keep diet and I don't have time to take sugar measurements, so I drink more hydrogen water. Sugar level is always within normal limits.

Pregnant women do not meet toxicosis if women drink hydrogen water. I have never had one, and many Americans say that they have something to compare with. If woman has toxicosis during first pregnancy, when purchased hydrogen water machine, and the next pregnancy she did not have toxicosis.


Swelling. Legs during pregnancy become filled with water, and wedding rings hard to remove.

Just one glass of hydrogen water helps me get rid of the puffiness of my hands.

During the summer if my fingers of hands became as sausages, I drink one glass of hydrogen water to get rid of this problem.

We carry our water with us in stainless still bottles, or we come home and immediately drink a glass of hydrogen water in one gulp. The body easily removes alkaline water through the kidneys, swelling simply will not bother you.

I made a video about pregnancy and Kangen water here.




Kangen water is not only real health, but also it is a good income business.

It is especially important for mothers on maternity, who spend all the time with the child.

If you buy Kangen water machine and you receive agent’s ID, a pleasant surprise await you!

If you live in a small town you can be successful too. This business is now done on the Internet, and you definitely have a phone!

Let's be healthy and rich!

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1 Comment(s)

Валентина Робино:
13/09/2022, 11:33:25 AM

Я стала пить больше воды. Просто, потому что она вкуснее. Потом начала замечать, что вода в бутылках не вкусная. Не отекаю вообще . А беременные вы знаете как могут отекать. ???? Потом будто энергии стало больше. Она высвободила ь за счёт отрицательного заряда. Вроде как и сон стал лучше. Но это зависит и от прожитого дня. Голова не болит. Анализы хорошие. Мы поставили прибор в коммерческое заведение. Сотрудники сразу отметили, что вода легко пьётся. А если легко пьётся вода то и желания пить ее больше. Еще отмечу, что высвободилось много времени на заказ воды. Дома нет пластика. И т.д. Это очень хорошо Канген стоит у нас около 3 месяцев.

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