Japanese Doctor Hiromi Shinya

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Hiromi Shinya is an internationally renowned Japanese American surgeon born in 1935.

He is the pioneer of colonoscopy, the first doctor who began to remove polyps from the large intestine without resorting to invasive surgery.

His scientific theory of nutrition is widely known and the book has been translated into many languages.

You can find his books and read.

  • Miracale enzyme.
  • The enzyme factor II.
  • The microbe factor.


You can find in the Internet terrible pictures of bowels of his patients "before" and "after" the treatment. He shows and names diseases, and also provides information about the habitual diet of patients (cheese, eggs, milk).

Hiromi Shinya gives advices what kind of habits patients must change to survive and live longer.

The short list of his recommendations:

  • Drink water immediately after waking up, and an hour before meals.
  • Try to chew slowly, and eat long and slowly.
  • Eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, raw rice.
  • Vegetables that are frozen lose enzymes, which means their usefulness is reduced.

In his book Magical Enzymes, he devoted a page to the Kangen water  and Kangen water machine. He uses Kangen machine at home and in the clinic for patients.


There is another Japanese doctor who advice hydrogen water - Mori Iosiomi who use hydrogen water in his treatment protocol. This is an article about this doctor.


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