Doctors who advices Kangen water

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1. You can find details about proper fasting and the Kangen water in the book of Dr. Mujibur's How to Restore Lost Health.

The doctor has a clinic in Moscow. Kangen water is in his treatment protocol for his patients.

2. World renowned gastroenterologist surgeon Hiromi Shinya mentions Kangen water in his book The Enzyme factor.

He writes that Kangen water machine is in his clinic and they give Kangen water to patients.

3. Horst Filtzer, MD, full member of the American College of Surgery, 35 years of teaching surgeon. Author of numerous works on surgery and co-author of books. He is a member of many prestigious surgical societies. Volunteer doctor in the post-war period in Vietnam. He worked during the first war in the Persian Gulf in the medical center of the SV. Walter Reed. Horst Filzer recommends Kangen water and in this video he explains why.

4. Corinne Allen.

Dr. Corinne Allen is an international researcher and practitioner in the field of natural health and nutrition. Practicing physician for over 30 years. After earning her doctorate in nutrition, Dr. Allen continued her training in brain stimulation techniques. She has become known for her hands-on approach to health using natural and alternative methods to induce permanent changes in the brain for dyslexia, ADD, autism, Asperger's syndrome, learning disabilities, academic and behavioral problems, and brain injury. She runs the Institute for Advanced Learning and Development.

She is an ambassador of alkaline ionized Kangen water.

5. Robert Wright

Mr. Wright founded the American Cancer Center, where he offers a cancer treatment complex that he has developed to reflect the "voice of the people" in wanting to move away from conventional cancer treatment.

Mr. Wright is the author of Killing Cancer - Not People, the first chapter tells to public the truth about cancer as a reversible and treatable immune disease. In chapter six, Mr. Robert Wright talks about Enagic's Kangen water machine Leveluk SD501 being the only water ionizer of choice for cancer patients.

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