Cleaning of Kangen water machine Leveluk SD501

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Cleaning powder for Kangen water machine without cartridge.

Cleaning powder for cleaning Kangen water machine with spare cartridge.


Cleaning of Kangen water machine should be done every two months - preferably. Especially if you live in region with hard water. Calcium after ionization becomes sticky, therefore, for residents of regions with hard water clean Kangen water machines regularly.

When an unpleasant taste appears in Kangen water, the first thing to do is to clean the machine.

Cleaning of Kangen water machine Leveluk SD501 takes about 12 hours. Usually we leave Kangen machine for cleaning at night and in the morning we wash it and start using.

In short, citric acid, poured into the cartridge, gradually soaks and a solution of citric acid is formed.

This solution fills the entire space of Kangen water machine inside: the ionization chamber and both hoses.

Calcium deposits inside Kangen machine dissolve under impact of citric acid and are removed from the device.

You can find video with cleaning of Kangen machine Leveluk SD501. If doubt - write to us in WhatsApp, we will help.



Don't forget to also change the filters in the Kangen machine in time to be sure that you are drinking clean water all the time.

HG-N filter is suitable for Leveluk SD501, SD501 Platinum, Leveluk JRIV, Leveluk JRII, Leveluk R.

F8 filter is suitable for Leveluk Kangen8.

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21/09/2022, 11:07:26 AM

сколько грамм лимонной кислоты нужно для чистки аппарата kangen 8

Tania Kolmakova:
21/09/2022, 11:07:59 AM

В одном пакетике две чайных ложки.

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