Alkaline or Hydrogen water

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Did you know that alkaline water is healthier than neutral pH water?

Since many diseases are associated with acidification of the body, alkaline water helps to gently neutralize excess acidity.

This implies the effectiveness of such water in the fight against osteoporosis, gastritis, toxicosis of pregnant women, gout and many other diseases.

Japanese hospitals use alkaline ionized water to treat gastrointestinal problems.

Well-known colonoscopist Hiromi Shinya uses water ionization machines in his clinic to give water to patients. Ionized water is in his treatment protocol.

Manufacturers are required to obtain a medical device manufacturer's certificate as well as ionizers can produce PH9.5 water.

So, water ionization devices are medical equipment.

If alkaline water is saturated with hydrogen, then it acquires antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic properties.

If you drink alkaline hydrogen water on a daily basis, then the general condition of your body returns to normal. Metabolism improves, fatigue decreases, sleep improves, and more energy appears.

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