Again about strong acidic water pH2,5

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This information for those who have a weak throat like me.

You may have encountered the same problem when the throat is a weak point. Any sip of cold water and I feel like I'm going to get sick. The throat becomes red, begins to tickle. Then the snot starts, then the cough. And all this lasts for a whole week.

I know that there are effective remedies - antibacterial oils such as tea tree oil, as well as various pharmaceutical throat sprays.

Actually, none of this helped me. No matter how I smeared and sprayed.

Gargling with pH2.5 electrolysis water from the Kangen water machine proved to be the most effective remedy.

It is enough to rinse 1 time in the evening and 1 time in the morning. It stops the work of bacterias and throat becomes better.

There is a study that electrolyzed water pH2,5  kills 98% of bacteria within a few seconds.

Such water is effective for washing vegetables, fish, meat from salmonella, e-coli, staphylococci.

Kangen water machine is always a great helper at home. It is not only a filter for drinking water, but also a first aid for some health problems.

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