We are looking for new people for Enagic business

Posted by Kangen Вода 17/02/2022 0 Comment(s)

Dear friends! We would like  to build an active distributors who can share Kangen water in different cities.

Potential buyers are required to try Kangen water on the place of living. Unfortunately, sending water does not make sense. When water reaches a person, it will already lose its properties. Therefore, we are looking for active people who are ready to distribute water to our potential customers. If a person gave water and the agent sold, the person receives a bonus from the sale to that buyer.

It is a big pleasure to share water. You open a new world to people who have never try Kangen water. Maybe you will meet new friends, maybe you will decide to make full-time Enagic business. And you will like it!

Send me a message where do you live.

Whatsapp +79117030668

One guy shared Kangen water with me. Then the period of free water was ended, i missed this water and make a decision to buy own Kangen water machine. I became Enagic's disitributor and sold more then 400 units with my team.


I like Enagic's idea so much, as long as we receive good money for live, we do not work hard, we spend time with family. I will teach you! Send me a message.


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