Undersink installation

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Many users of water ionizer want to hide the machine under sink despite of Enagic’s recommendation leave machine standing on the countertop.

This article will help dissuade the client from such installation, because the problems of using the faucet will become apparent during usage.

Enagic accepted flooded ionizers installed under the countertop for warranty repairs, after that cases the company announced that if you install the ionizer improperly, then the warranty from the company does not cover such breakdowns.

The water ionizer must be on top and its hoses must be below the level of the ionizer, as it is designed so that water flows by gravity into the acid water outlet hose.


In the case of installing Kangen water machine with special faucet, the balance of alkaline and acidic water may be disturbed, i.e. the Kangen machine will produce water with wrong PH, it will have ozone and less hydrogen therapeutic gas.

Hoses of faucet have meter length. Water from the tap, as well as alkaline and acidic water, must overcome meter distances to your glass. It will take a long time to drain old water standing in the system. We want to drink always fresh water and quickly, that’s why we install our machines on the top. It is easy to disconnected Kangen water machine from the tap if it standing countertop, while disconnecting the hidden device from the tap is not such an easy task. Cleaning the hidden Kangen water machine is a big problem. If the process of cleaning the machine standing on the table is thought out by the company's developers, then no one knows how good you will clean your device standing under the sink. There are such regions, where cleaning the Kangen machine is especially important because of hardness of the source water. And the cleaning of Kangen machine installed under sink will require a separate person with special equipment. Yes, I understand you want to have the airy kitchen, but it's better . The water ionizer is an amazing device that should be in every home.

In order to enjoy its use, it is important to follow advice of experts and install Kangen machine correctly.

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