Kangen water review. Experience with eczema.

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This is a story of Danica Jaldbert 


This took a lot of balls for me to share this. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

For a lot of you who didn't know about my history and struggles with eczema, I had it on my arms and legs since I was 5 and was prescribed hydrocortisone cream to help it. Never did I think that it was a topical steroid(drugs)!

Long story short, the more cream I used, the worse it got.. and it spread all over my body! Doctors told me it was chronic eczema and upped my dose! (assholes)

I got so bad I was food intolerant to everything and had bad flare ups. Forced to quit my job and go on sick El, I decided to do my own research and came across Topical Steroid Withdrawal.. and just when I thought It couldn't get any worse.


Unfortunately there is no overnight remedy so I drank 9.5ph alkaline water and used 6.0 "beauty" water to spray on my skin in hopes to cure my skin faster.

This first pi is how bad my withdrawa got.

I the next 2 pic I did some experimenting with alkaine water later on in my recovery.. 1 week drinking it and one week without(You know which pic is with/whithout Alkaline water haha). I experimented to 2 months so I had an idea of just how good this JESUS WATER IS!!

 Luckily I got involved with Enagic at just the right time. Having my own business and my Kangen water machine saved me because it should of taken 2 YEARS to clear my skin up. Plus all support from my boyfriend, family and business partners during this dark time.

It was almost a blessing in disguise because I am at such a good place right now! Today my skin is CLEAR and I am leaving for ASIA in 2 weeks!!!

Feeling so blessed

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