Kangen water machine

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The Kangen water machine is a flowing generator of alkaline hydrogen water.

It is connected to the water supply, so Kangen machine produces an unlimited amount of hydrogen water on demand.

In order to receive hydrogen water - just open faucet with cold water.

Kangen water machine has an internal carbon filter. In some regions, this is enough, but if the source water requires additional enhanced purification, then it is recommended to install simple additional  water filters.

After purification, the water enters the ionization chamber. Thanks to electrolysis in the ionization chamber, water is divided into "live and dead". Alkaline water, saturated with hydrogen and alkaline minerals in ionic form, enters the drinking water hose. It is what our body needs to get real health. "Dead water" goes to the lower gray hose. This water can also be collected and used. Since it is also a microcluster, the effect of washing dirty kitchen’s surfaces with such water is really impressive.

There are eight whole titanium plates coated with platinum in Kangen8 machine’s in the ionization chamber. Enagic plates are fundamentally different from the plates of devices of other ionizers. See photo below. The lower plates are from Kangen machines.

Some water molecules break down into H2 and 2OH- in the ionization chamber. Salts break down into minerals in ionic form and salt bases. Alkaline minerals are healthy, as is hydrogen H2, which is the newest and unique antioxidant.

You can imagine that hydrogen only interacts with toxic hydroxyl radicals that cause aging. It does not touch the free radicals that our body needs. For example, there are free radicals that the body uses to fight viruses.

Hydrogen is an unique antioxidant because it is a very selective antioxidant and does not become a free radical itself. Two neutral water molecules are appeared from hydrogen molecule and two toxic radicals!

Here is such a unique device that can improve the health of you and your family, just by changing your water!

The whole range of Kangen machines is presented here. You can choose the right one based on the needs of your family or your business.

Contact me in Whatsapp if you need any help, we can ship Kangen machines all over the world. 


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