Kangen water and pregnancy

Posted by Kangen Вода 04/05/2019 0 Comment(s)

I can definitely say that alkaline hydrogen water helps to get rid of any signs of toxicosis.

This was repeated with several girls. Pregnant women drank Kangen water - no one had toxicosis.

Most likely it's all about the alkalinity of the water. The alkalinity of the water neutralizes the acidity of the consequences of the formation of the baby, and removes from the body through the urine.

A girl who was pregnant  twice compares her first and second pregnancies. She says that the second pregnancy on Kangen water was much easier than the first, and the baby was born without signs of jaundice.

Kangen water also does not cause swelling. You can drink more water to prevent stretch marks. There will be no edema.

We have Kangen water machine Leveluk Kangen8 at home. Whole my pregnancy I was sitting near it.

If I drink Kangen water it helps me to get rid of finger swelling. During the pregnancy I have normal fingers, not sausages.

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