It is time to work on-line

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How to make money?

When you can’t leave home, you can’t go to work either.

We have the Internet, social networks and a lot of free time. In order to ensure moral health, it is useful to engage in an interesting occupation that requires brain function.

Our happiness that Enagic continues to accept and ship orders.

You can become a distributor in our beloved company without leaving home.


How much will you earn?

Enagic is an international direct sales company with MLM elements.

You can receive income only from your personal sales, or from sales in your group if you will work on developing of  your team. You can also combine both methods - sell yourself and support the team.

Opening an ID and working with a team is a guarantee of a very good result in the future.

The commission is paid according to the marketing plan. It is about 144000USD if you and your team sells only Kangen8 then you make your journey to leader with 6A level (101sales).

I recommend looking for new customers and partners in social networks, and specifically on Facebook.

I will tell you what I am doing on Facebook.

If you decide to get started, write me in whatsapp.

You have to buy your own Kangen water machine, receive ID and conclude an agency agreement with the company Enagic.

Your investment into your personal Kangen device is an investment into your future business. This business does not request any other charges. NO advertising costs, no stock purchases. It is people to people business.

Business with Enagic requires investments once at the start - the purchase of a healthy water machine for your family. Once and forever.

Welcome to our business!

Sincerely yours,

Tatiana whatsapp.

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