How to buy expensive Kangen machine on installment payment plan

Posted by Kangen Вода 12/01/2020 0 Comment(s)

You can buy Kangen machine using combination of installment Enagic’s plan and bank credit.

According to Enagic’s installment plan you have to pay a half of machine, VAT and shipment costs before they ship a machine, and the rest of sum you will pay during 3,6 or 12 months.

You can use credit card or normal bank credit to pay for deposits. For example deposit for Leveluk SD501 is  1000euro and the rest 2400euro you will pay in the next months by equal parts. 

It’s good if you have individual entrepreneur ID at the same time.

We put sales in our structure such way so people have an opportunity to receive a commission from new purchases on their account, and cover monthly payments. Enagic is a direct sales company with a good marketing plan.

Let me remind you that the minimum commission for the sale of Leveluk SD501 is 175euro. That’s why payment from Enagic allows you to cover the monthly payment.

Do not forget also that you buy not just water filter you buy HEALTH it is priceless.

After purchasing the Kangen machine, you will save money on bottled water and  medicines. The benefit is obvious!


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