How to buy Kangen water machine

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We offer to buy a Kangen water ionizer, or rather get it for free.

In order to become an Enagic’s agent and be able to earn is enough to bring the first buyer.

The company has the status of agent "Tokurei" - this is the ID of Enagic’s agent without buying kangen machine at first step for yourself.

When filling out an application form to the company, you specify which Kangen  machine you want to have.

The company keeps part of the commission on your account and pays part of it to your current account.


After the company has accumulated a whole amount for Kangen machine, it  will be shipped to you.

I am an agent with extensive experience, I can say that we received 5-6 FREE Kangen machines for ourselves and our family members.

If you come to store and pay the amount of 4500USD, then you will consider that it is a very expensive purchase.

But then there is a good cashback in company, you will receive your kangen machine almost free of charge or with good earnings plus.

You can take a regular consumer loan for buying and become an agent of Enagic. Then the agent's commission will cover the loan payments and you will also have the device almost free of charge.

We invite you to become Enagic’s agent with us!

This is water ionizer Kangen8. Kangen8 is the flagship water ionizer in the Enagic’s product line. It produces most tasty water in the world. And is the top selling product.

The company has offices all over the world. If you become a company’s agent, you can make your sales and build the distribution team anywhere. 

Warranty period is  5 years.

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