Business idea for 3000EURO

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In order to become an Enagic’s agent, you need to buy 1 Enagic’s water ionizer. You can save money at the beginning and purchase home mineral SPA Anespa. This purchase also gives the opportunity to receive an agent’s ID. After that, all Kangen machines that you buy for yourself will be with discount. And if you start sell Kangen machines to other people, then you are entitled to receive a commission.

I would like to note that Enagic business  is a brilliant idea. Everyone needs water. And people once try Kangen water, never forget it and think about buying Kangen machine.

When you buy Kangen water machine for yourself, distribute water for FREE. There are such potential buyers, looking at whom you will never think what they are able to buy such device, but it is they who become adepts of Kangen water. Such people are happy to talk about water and bring you new people.

We have been in business for 12 years and have been building a distributorship, during that time I understood that doing single sales is long and difficult way to sell. If you work with team you will go faster.

We are working to ensure that almost every home in the world has Kangen water machine.

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